Monitoring Cash Activity

Monitoring Cash Activity

Vizualizations To Track Cash in Your Practice


Regardless of the industry we work in, cash is king.  Use these handy vizualizations to keep regular track of cash performance, see where the money is going, and all while using management’s time efficiently.  These vizualizations show you exactly what the cash performance is and how it’s used, all within a few minutes.

The above chart shows cash levels for all months – or a designated month on the left, and compares them against the same period last year.  It also provides pie charts from the current and last year showing how cash was used.


Cash is then compared to revenue and net income.  Based on these parameters, cash should be at certain levels, so this chart can quickly show anomalies.


Then in the next cash analysis chart (below), you can drive deeper into the expense types that their respective levels.  You can toggle each expense on the left and see how they each have fluctuated during the current or prior year.

The following chart uses the same expense type information and show it on a percentage basis.  This can be used to determine the reasoning behind net income percent levels.




Want to try out the filters and toggle some numbers? You just need to install Tableau Reader onto your Desktop and launch the visualization file. It's easy! - just do the following:



  1. Download Tableau Reader here
  2. Download the visualization file to your Desktop (note: it has a ".twbx" extension)
  3. Launch Tableau Reader
  4. Open the visualization file while in Tableau Reader



And that's it! - Happy analyzing!


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