Analysing Product Profitability Quickly And Effectively With Dashboards

Analysing Product Statistics To Keep Profitability High

Analyzing Product Statistics To Keep Profitability High

 What is the best way to get maximum profit?


Use this visualization designed to provide insightful and efficient details of product profitability.


Putting product profitability information along with the time it takes to product each product type in a quadrant format provides another value-added view to show staff and management how profitable their products are performing:




Showing the quadrant chart with a Product Profitability graph provides 2 different representations of product contribution which can be used in management meetings.


Want to try out the filters and toggle some numbers? You just need to install Tableau Reader onto your Desktop and launch the visualization file. It's easy! - just do the following:


  1. Download Tableau Reader here
  2. Download the visualization file to your Desktop (note: it has a ".twbx" extension)
  3. Launch Tableau Reader
  4. Open the visualization file while in Tableau Reader



And that's it! - Happy analyzing!


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