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Data Analytics and Visualization

Business Forecasting And Modelling

Keys to unlocking growth in your operation by utilizing the power of data to make strategic decisions.

Effective Use Of Financial Ratios.

How do you best use  financial ratios to optimally guide your business to growth and profitability.

Applying Statistical Analysis To Forecast Strategy.

The exercise of analyzing data gives productive and valuable insights that you can use to spearhead growth and profitability.

Establishing A Forecasting Framework.

Implementing a forecasting process is integral to realizing short- and long-term strategic success.


Holding Companies And The Capital Gains Exemption.

Holding Companies in the corporate structure - what do you need to do to meet the CGE requirements?

Sole Proprietorship vs. Corporation

What business structure works best for you?  Here are some pointers on both to help you decide.

Beware The Personal Services Business.

If your corporation meets the definition of a Personal Services Business, using it to reduce tax on net income can have punitive effects.

Fueling Organic Growth In Your Business.

The importance of developing and continuously implementing a marketing plan pays dividends if done right.

Business Management

How To Avoid Business Growth Impairment.

Business owners strive to have thriving operations.  Without a plan to manage growth, it will be difficult to sustain that success.

Managing and Maximizing Your Business's Cash Flow.

Business owners need to have a definitive and disciplined approach to profitability cash flow management.

Essential Traits Of Solid Leadership.

Although there are many different leadership styles and personalities, all have similar traits that lead to corporate success.

Justification Points To Business Expansion.

Is opening multiple offices a viable business strategy, or is growth best realized by acquiring businesses which can be easily integrated into your Strategic Mission?

Corporate Strategy

Are You Really An Effective CEO?

Success in corporate leadership is not necessarily measured by quantifiable metrics, but if people want to follow you...

Expansion Or Debt Reduction-What Is Best?

Do you follow conventional wisdom of prior generations and pay off debt, or pursue opportunities by financing?

Essential Traits Of Solid Leadership.

Even with different approaches to leadership, some traits remain consistent with success...

Putting A Value On A Business Acquisition.

What should you pay for acquiring a business ,and what parameters guide such an important decision?




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