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We are a leading assurance firm located in South Vancouver providing the highest quality assurance services to valued clients at reasonable cost.  Our accountants have combined experience of over 60 years providing assurance assistance at the review and audit levels.

For over 30 years our office has focused on providing value-added advice to our clients, enabling them to grow their businesses and increase profitability levels.  Our tax knowledge ensures that our client's corporate structure facilitates opportunities to effect tax minimization strategies in compliance with the Income Tax Act (I.T.A)

While the core of our business remains in providing review and engagement level services, we offer our clients multiple services in the fields of tax planning, compilation engagements, and data and predictive analytics services.  All these offerings have been carefully considered to provide what services we believe proactive business leaders need to position their respective companies for profitability and growth in the short- and long-terms.

We are known to provide the highest level accounting, assurance and tax services that business executives and owners expect from a high quality accounting firm.  We enter each engagement to meet and exceed our client's expectations.

Who We Are

We’re an accounting firm working online with clients across Canada.

What We Do

We provide affordable bookkeeping, payroll and analytics services. What we do gets your financial tasks done right, on time and at a cost you’ll like.

How We Do It

We find out what you need and use tools from our preferred app stack to provide the best bookkeeping, payroll, analytics , tax, and accounting you’ll find.   It’s because we commit to building a strong, trusting relationship with each of our clients.







Bookkeeping & Payroll


Focus on your business and leave the bookkeeping and payroll to us. We’ll set up processes to get your bank and credit card transactions correctly categorized and organized

Our Packages


Bookkeeping & Payroll

With Analytics

Add our monthly value-added analytical dashboards to provide insightful reports that keep you on top of your company finances without taking up all your time.  All done on Tableau.




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Bookkeeping & Payroll Starter:






Some other apps we love to use to get you running right:







With bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting taken care of, you can call us anytime with questions or assistance with your operations.


Your Value Guarantee Working With Us


You’ll be happy with your decision


We’ll set things up so that you can get to building your business without worrying about the financial administration of it all. Our interactive reports are all you need to know exactly where you’re at financially—and these reports get you up to speed without taking up a lot of your time.


We use Tableau to give you interactive financial and operational reports so that you can see up to 5 years of your business data simultaneously. Now you can really see where your business is going and how to maximize it! This is more than just a static Excel spreadsheet!


To get you running right, we may suggest a number of apps that may help automate or streamline some of the mundane accounting functions in your business.





Build Your Business To Success!

Get Your Data Analytics Working For You!


Other Ways We Can Help You Build Success:



Data Visualization

Make Visual Sense of Numbers and Business!

Predictive Analytics

Turn Data Analysis Into Insights and Profitable Decisions!

Tax Advice

Save Money On Taxes - We'll Guide You To Tax Savings!

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