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Tax Advice

Now more than ever, companies need effective tax planning.  With insightful tax advisory and planning, you will ensure that all available shares, exemptions, deductions and exclusions are in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency tax provisions and are executed in a tax efficient manner.

With our tax advisory services, you can achieve –

Tax minimization – Effective tax planning contributes to reduced tax liability and increased retention of capital. Our tax experts can help you arrange your corporate structure to facilitate ongoing efficent capital allocation and investment.

CRA tax disputes – Our office is able to assist and defend against Canada Revenue Agency attacks and assertions on your Company operations and profits.  We also advocate your position with the CRA and understand the methods and procedures that provide maximum probability of success in the event of CRA assessments and audits.

Economic stability – Effective tax planning and management contributes to effective company cash flow and sustainable cash flow.

Burgess Kilpatrick offers client-specific tax advisory services that help companies meet their unique requirements. Our team is dedicated to providing businesses with the highest level of tax and business advice.

For any tax related concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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Foreign Affiliates
Foreign Affiliates

FAPI Rules.

Active Business Exemption.

Controlled vs Non-controlled

and tax implications.

Tax Treaty Considerations.

Jurisdictional Considerations.

Real Estate/Property Development
Real Estate/Property Development

Joint Ventures.

Small Business Deduction Multiplication.

Replacement Property Rules.

Principal Residence Exemption.

Methods of Project Cost Reporting.

Corporate Tax Planning
Corporate Tax Planning

Corporate Reorganizations.

Deferring Tax.

Pipeline Transactions.

Corporate Attribution and Implications.

Estate Considerations.


Personal Tax
Personal Tax

Personal Tax Attribution.

Passing wealth to future generations.

Retirement Considerations.

Asset Security and Estate Planning.

Tax Credits.

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