Data Analytics and Visualization

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How do you use your data?  Are you still running meetings and making strategic decisions with the help of only Excel spreadsheets that run on for multiple pages?

The revolution in data analytics is most noticeable when businesses are able to tell their story in a condensed format that all can recognize and that can facilitate discussion on how to improve.

We help businesses visualize and understand their data so that they can grow, improve and increase profitability.  We do this by collecting, optimizing, and presenting the data in a format that provides an enhanced understanding of your business's operations and performance.   We are operating in a world of business intelligence, and visualizing your data enables you to make intelligent, insightful decisions.

Are You Getting The Real Insights You Need When It Comes To Making Business Decisions?

Transform your data into rich Visuals that can spark real, insightful strategic conversations among employees, stakeholders, and management.

If you:

  • Want to communicate information clearly and efficiently
  • Believe that your business can get more out of the financial and operational resources it currently employs to grow and profit.
  • Believe that an organized data analytics platform can assist to increase business performance.

How Burgess Kilpatrick can help you

Effective visualization helps you reason about your data.  It makes large quantities of complex data more accessible, understandable, and usable.  With it you can make insightful comparisons and recognize causal and other types of relationships between metrics. With this enhanced understanding, you can alter and/or re-define your Business's strategy to realize your goals.  We can help to create, build and consolidate your data collection and optimization efforts to produce insightful analytics which you can use to sustain increased growth and profitability in your business.




Business Forecasting And Modelling

Keys to unlocking growth in your operation by utilizing the power of data to make strategic decisions.

Effective Use Of Financial Ratios.

How do you best use  financial ratios to optimally guide your business to growth and profitability.

Applying Statistical Analysis To Forecast Strategy.

The exercise of analyzing data gives productive and valuable insights that you can use to spearhead growth and profitability.

Establishing A Forecasting Framework.

Implementing a forecasting process is integral to realizing short- and long-term strategic success.