Optimal Balance Sheet Analysis

Getting Insights From Your Balance Sheet Data

Keeping track of your cash and the drivers behind it is what this visualization is all about.


This information-laden chart combines asset and debt numbers that you need to track assets an liabilities without diving unnecessarily into your bookkeeping records.




After the highlighted statistics at the top, the 2 charts below compare the debt/equity ratio to your cash and production levels, and also give you a view of how the 4 main financial components of your operations have performed over the past 12 months namely:


-Accounts Receivable


-Net income


Of course, no information view would be valuable without comparing important data to prior year levels, which is what we do on the 3rd row of charts above.  Utilizing these charts, staff and management can spot trends to capitalize on as well as confirm results of operational decisions made.  This data can also enable them to change plans to realize operational goals.


Want to try out the filters and toggle some numbers? You just need to install Tableau Reader onto your Desktop and launch the visualization file. It's easy! - just do the following:


  1. Download Tableau Reader here
  2. Download the visualization file to your Desktop (note: it has a ".twbx" extension)
  3. Launch Tableau Reader
  4. Open the visualization file while in Tableau Reader



And that's it! - Happy analyzing!


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