Quick And Effective Ratio Anaysis With Interactive Dashboards

Ratio Analysis Views For Management

Ratio analysis is a great way to quickly keep on top of your operations’ metrics.  We’ve taken the most valuable and easily understood ratios and incorporated them into the ratio analysis visualization to maximize management’s ability to efficiently track operational metrics and profitability:


On the right side, you can toggle to view all months or specific months of the fiscal year, depending on your analytical desires.  This view can also provide analysis of the current and prior 4 years of activity, which can be valuable to prospective stakeholders if you want to provide information on prior- and current- year operational performance.


The second column from the left side compares the current year ratio to the same period last year, and the third column provides an industry standard and compares that standard to the current year ratio.



Want to try out the filters and toggle some numbers? You just need to install Tableau Reader onto your Desktop and launch the visualization file. It's easy! - just do the following:


  1. Download Tableau Reader here
  2. Download the visualization file to your Desktop (note: it has a ".twbx" extension)
  3. Launch Tableau Reader
  4. Open the visualization file while in Tableau Reader



And that's it! - Happy analyzing!


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