Financial Analysis With Dashboards

High Level Data Insights With The Financial Summary Dashboard

Want to get a better handle on your financial metrics and financial data?


This High-level Financial Summary visualization gives you the chance to see at a glance the main financial components of your operation, and can easily determine whether or not it's warranted to take a further look at specific items.




The visualization contains information for the whole calendar year, but can be changed to show 2 or more years, or fiscal year data.

The main enhancement of these visualizations over static excel graphs is the interactive feature column on the right side of the view. There are 2 separate filters on the right side; one at the top to toggle the 5 metrics on the top bar, and another below to show prior year data for those particular metrics. The second toggle allows the user to compare current year data to the same data of the prior year.

Underneath the top horizontal bar showing the individual metrics, we have a graphical comparison of cash on hand, production and net income for a particular month on the left side. This data can also be toggled using the top filter on the right column. Beside that is comprehensive view for the year showing all metrics addressed in the view, with revenue showing in bars and the other metrics showing as lines on the chart. Both charts are accompanied by a legend on the right-side column.

Want to try out the filters and toggle some numbers? You just need to install Tableau Reader onto your Desktop and launch the visualization file. It's easy! - just do the following:


  1. Download Tableau Reader here
  2. Download the visualization file to your Desktop (note: it has a ".twbx" extension)
  3. Launch Tableau Reader
  4. Open the visualization file while in Tableau Reader



And that's it! - Happy analyzing!


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