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Depending on its stage of development, whether start-up, growth stage, or mature, a company will place different levels of emphasis on two fundamental components of business strategy; tax compliance and tax planning.

However, both areas require careful consideration in order to place the company in a position where it is able to:

  • adhere to Canadian income tax law and
  • implement tax strategies to minimize tax exposure.

A company’s tax burden can represent a huge sum, while there are heavy penalties in failing to get the process right. Tax planning and compliance both play a key role in protecting and enhancing shareholder or principal value.

With the ever increasing complexity of the Canadian Income Tax Act, corporations and other businesses need to be assured that their tax compliance requirements are being handled in accordance with constantly changing regulations. In addition, these requirements necessitate the implementation of effective tax planning strategies in a proactive and efficient manner.

With this area of the business taken care of, company principals have more time to concentrate on operating and expanding the business.

If you...

  • need to be assured that the company is properly attending to its tax compliance requirements.
  • want access to professionals trained in tax compliance and planning who can help you arrange your company’s affairs in a tax-effective manner.

How Burgess Kilpatrick can help you

Burgess Kilpatrick can assist you and your businesses with tax strategy, planning, and compliance. The tax services we offer include:

  • preparation of T2 Corporate income tax returns 
  • preparation of T1 Personal income tax returns including business and rental schedules
  • preparation of T3 Trust information and income tax returns 
  • advice and assistance on tax compliance issues
  • assistance with company tax planning and deferral strategies
  • preparation and filling of all CRA forms; GST/HST, payroll, T3’s, T4’s, T5’s, T5018’s, etc.

We will take time to discuss tax matters with you and present alternatives that will best facilitate company goals and objectives.

To learn more, please visit our Tax, Tips and Traps page.

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